meet our presenters

Andrea Boyd

Spiritual Teacher, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Author and Mother

sonja busch

Bowen practitioner and Holotropic Breathwork® Facilitator

thomas verny


Shatia Owsley

Holistic psychosocial and trauma practitioner

Alexandra Heath

Clinical Hypnotherapist And Birth Doula

karlton terry

Pre And Perinatal Educator

Nina Ketscher

Clinical And Somatic Psychologist

Kate White

Craniosacral And Massage Therapist

Chantal Traub

Doula And Childbirth Educator

Mia kalef

Chiropractor And Craniosacral Therapist

Bernie Landels

Author And Massage Therapist

Lina Clerke

Birth Specialist

Gerhard & Anne Schroth

Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, Prenatal Bonding (Ba) Trainer

Nir Esterman

Therapist And Teacher

Lynn Schulte

Physical Therapist

Rebecca Sheikh

Aware Parenting Educator, Inner Child Journey Practitioner, Sandplay Therapist

Edy Nathan

Therapist, Author And Public Speaker

Cherionna Menzam-Sills

Somatic Prenatal And Birth Therapist

Suzanne Yates

Therapist And Teacher

Jaap van der Wal

Medical Doctor

Alison Hazelbaker

Lactation Consultant

Maria Esposito

Nutritional Therapist

Terry Monell

Somatic Psychology

Daniella F. Sieff

Author, Scholar And Speaker

Ludwig Janus

Lecturer And Psychoanalysis Instructor

Sue Carter

Biologist And Behavioural Neurobiologist

Matthew Appleton

Body Psychotherapist And Author

Moira Dempsey

Infant Reflexes Teacher Trainer

Liz Koch

Teacher And Author

Rhea Dempsey

Educator, Trainer, Doula, Counsellor, Speaker, Author And Birth Activist

Tara Blasco

Ph.d In Prenatal And Perinatal Psychology

Robin Grille

Psychologist, Parent Educator, Author

Kelduyn Garland

Pre & Perinatal Psychology

Veronica Pena de la JaraKoch

Yoga Teacher And Trainer

Binu Singh

Child Psychiatrist And Psychotherapist

Marti Glen

Psychotherapist And Clinical Director

Michael Shea

Craniosacral Therapist

Lorraine Grayston

Homoeopathic Practitioner And Educator

Isa Gucciardi

Transpersonal Psychologist And Creator Of Depth Hypnosis

Marilyn Sanders

Pediatrician And Neonatologist

Elmer Postle

Craniosacral Therapist

Graham Kennedy

Craniosacral Therapist

Kathy Dooley

Chiropractor And Anatomy Instructor

Rex Lassalle

Shiatzu Master And Authority On Oriental Astrology

Anna Verwaal

Midwife and Birth Educator