meet Belén Vasquez

MSc Personalised Nutrition
Dip. Nutritional therapy
Dip. Biodynamic craniosacral therapy

Belén Vasquez is a nutritional therapist with a MSc in personalised nutrition, biodynamic craniosacral therapist, integrative baby therapist (IBT) and mum of 3. Belén helps parents build strong health foundations for their children. She enthusiastically shares how the gut and microbiome affect a child's brain, behaviour and immunity.

A baby colic specialist, she also provides personalised guidance and resources for a healthy gut and targets the root cause of children’s behaviour. As an integrative health practitioner, she uses the best of body and mind approaches to provide thriving nutrients, a healthy stress response and understanding of early life experiences.

Belén first experienced the effects of the MGB when her 6 years old boy recovered from learning difficulties and hyperactivity in just two weeks of a gluten-free diet. This transformative event 15 years ago set her on a holistic path that has led to a lifetime of learning. Her MSc dissertation ‘Is there a role for nutritional advice for breastfeeding women for colic relief?’ provided insights into the formation and maturation of a baby’s gut and microbiota and paved the way for new ways of understanding and helping colicky babies. More about Belén:

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