Our mission

Ourbirthjourney believes that consciousness exists throughout all phases of prenatal development and birth. We hold the understanding that everything the embryo, fetus and newborn experiences, significantly shape their future selves.

It is our intention to provide assistance to birth professionals, therapists, and individuals seeking to delve deeper into the principles of pre- and perinatal psychology, both for personal understanding and professional application.

“If one wants to gain a correct appreciation of life before birth, it is important to remember that the unborn child experiences and perceives – even when we can only infer that by observing its external behaviour.”

Dr. Ludwig Janus

history and purpose

Ourbirthjourney was initiated by John Wilks who, through many years of working with mums and babies, developed not just expertise in the field but also a passion for sharing the wisdom and insight gained from Pre- and Perinatal Psychology.

Recognizing that pregnancy and birth impact not just the mother but also the developing child, sometimes entailing varying degrees of trauma, opens a new horizon of understanding of and compassion for babies as well as a path of self-inquiry into our own birth story.

Ourbirthjourney endeavors to offer an impartial platform for delving into the multifaceted aspects of the birthing experience - melding factual knowledge, personal experience, and professional insights.

We consider the insights of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology as being of fundamental importance for our culture and society. Too little attention is given to the perspective and experience of the infant and the profound ramifications this has for a person's life. Conversely, immense healing becomes possible when the voice of the child is heard.

our team

John Wilks

John is the founder and director of Ourbirthjourney. He is a Craniosacral and Bowen therapist and international teacher  and has authored a number of books.

John is regular host for our presenters and main contributor to the shaping of the Ourbirthjourney programme.

andrea braun

Andrea is operational manager of Ourbirthjourney. She takes care of our customer service and all the technical aspects involved in running the platform. 

Sara Devoy

Sara hosts live events and liaises with future presenters for Ourbirthjourney. Being on the team is a joyful expression  of  Saras’ professional and personal  commitment to the pre and perinatal  field.

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