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Holographic Breathing –
Meditative Breath Work for Childbirth

Monday, 29 July 2024
 19h - 20h UK time

During this free class, Martin Jones will introduce us to Holographic Breathing, with a specific focus on its applications in the contexts of pregnancy and childbirth.

mentorship group

twin loss ii
ask kt

Thursday, 8 August 2024
 19h - 20h30 UK time

In this second Twin Loss class, we will look into these and other questions in a compassionate exploration which can help us escape the manacles of unresolved twin loss in order to become liberated from the ways in which our lives have been diminished.

three part course

Trauma Prevention in the Birth Space

starting Tuesday, 10 September 2024
 19h - 20h UK time

In this course, Kate White addresses a number of ways in which parents can build resilience against possible birth trauma and heal from adverse birth experiences if they occur.