meet Klaus Kaeppeli-Valaulta


Klaus Käppeli-Valaulta, MSc, is a psychologist and psychotherapist of the Federation of the Swiss Psychologists (FSP) and has a private practice in somatic psychotherapy and in pre- and perinatal psychology in St.Gallen, Switzerland. Since 1996 he predominantly works with adults, families, children and babies in integrating very early experiences. His extensive training includes integrative body psychotherapy (IBP) (J. L. Rosenberg), integrative couple and family therapy (C.Gammer, M.Kirschenbaum), treating and resolving prenatal and birth trauma with babies and adults (R. Castellino, W. Emerson) and craniosacral therapy (J. Lichtenberg). He has assisted the prenatal and birth training program with Ray Castellino in Santa Barbara CA.
He has written several articles and has given many lectures on pre- and perinatal issues. Some of his lectures are published on DVD.
Klaus is married and father of three adult sons. Five grandchildren are his closest teachers.

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