meet Nina Ketscher

Clinical and Somatic Psychologist

Nina Ketscher is a Holistic and Integrative Therapist working with moms, babies, children and parents. Trained in both Western Psychology (Somatic, Pre & Perinatal, and Energy) and Eastern Healing Wisdoms, Nina expands upon commonly known practices for supporting healthy conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

Her sessions and workshops gently release past traumas and lovingly support ways to optimize the womb environment before, during, and after pregnancy. The knowledge and practices allow more conscious connection between mother and baby, and leads to creating happy, peaceful, and divinely connected thriving relationships and families.
Former APPPAH Vice President, Director of Education and Programs, Nina is a graduate of, and mentor for, APPPAH Prenatal & Perinatal Educator certification program (PPNE) and holds a Master of Arts from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute (SBGI). Nina is married and a mother to a joyful, strong willed, capable, thoughtful, kind, loving, creative, powerful and beautiful soul and son, named Jay.

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