meet Veronika Pena de la Jara

Yoga Teacher and Trainer

Veronika has been a Yoga Teacher for 20 years and is a Yotism Yoga teacher trainer. She specialises in Early Years development, Pregnancy, Mother and Child, Children, Teenagers and Adult neuro-sensory Yoga. At age 27 Veronika started practising Yoga and soon knew it would be part of the rest of her life. In 1999 she trained with the British School of Yoga then went on to further teacher training and many other related trainings. Kashmir yoga training was her first introduction to Nervous System function and taught her to meet students where they are through language and movement. It helped her understand how adults in particular could change the way they moved just by using their creative imagination, sensation connection or sound awareness.

Veronika and her colleague Nicole Zimbler developed Reflex Yoga, a culmination of their lifetime’s work. It is born out of Nicole’s vast knowledge of the reflex system, which Veronika has also studied, and Veronika’s natural ability to implement and develop a Yoga method alongside it. Reflex Yoga directly treats the primitive reflex system and uses yoga to ground the work in the body. The results that adults and children experience from this powerful method are inspiring from the small things that change people’s lives forever, to huge shifts in a child’s development issues.

Veronika co-trains with Nicole on the on the 200 hour Reflex Yoga teacher training course, Reflex Yoga weekend workshops and the Yoga for Autism Foundation course. She also runs workshops, one to one’s and weekly classes as well as having a Reflex Yoga therapy practice in school once a week. Veronika is also a very keen Vipassana meditator, a technique said to have been practised by the Buddha. She practises this regularly and attends silent retreats at least once a year.

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