Spiritual Teacher, Birth & Postpartum Doula,
author and  Mother

Andrea is a revered teacher of philosophy, body, mind, and spirit for over two decades. She has taught all over the world, but home base is Charleston, South Carolina.

Her pregnancy led her to delve deeper into the elements of birth, the current practices in Obstetrics and the feelings and collective awareness surrounding birth. In 2015, she wrote, hosted, and co-produced a radio show, "The Depth of Birth,”  which she later transformed into a book.

Her offerings are to support and educate mothers and partners to enhance trust, reduce fear, honor their intuitive guidance, and increase positivity and empowerment with their pregnancy and birthing experience. She encourages a greater consideration of the baby and their experience while in the womb, during birth, and post birth.

She is loving, honest, humble, bold, inspiring and thought-provoking. She teaches meditation, yoga classes, prenatal/partner classes, and birthing classes.

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