meet Shatia Owsley

holistic psychosocial and trauma practitioner

Shatia Owsley is a holistic psychosocial and trauma practitioner who has worked in the maternal health and social services field for over 18 years.  Her professional journey has allowed her to work closely with teen moms, infants and children with complex medical conditions, as well as women and families with varying life transformations.

In 2010, Shatia began shifting her approach to incorporate more eastern and holistic health practices to empower her clients.  She earned a masters in Health Education and Promotion, focusing her studies on educating BIPOC women on the benefits of a healthy mind, body and spirit connection during pregnancy. S

hatia has continued to advance her studies by pursuing various trainings and certifications in the following areas: pre and perinatal psychology,  birth trauma processing, trauma informed yoga, breathwork, Calm Birth Meditation, indigenous postpartum care practices, infant massage, and various forms of energy healing (reiki, quantum healing, sound bath therapy, etc.).

Shatia's goal when working with families is to listen, empower, coach and support them as they re-discover that they are the experts of their lives. She serves as a supportive presence as they face the many adventures of life on their own terms.

Shatia is a part of a growing community of holistic and spiritual healers, as well as medical and mental health professionals dedicated to the connection of the mind, body and spirit.
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