meet Kelduyn Garland PhD, DD, CJSJP

Pre & Perinatal Psychology

Dr. Garland is one of the ‘GrandMothers’ in the field of Pre & Perinatal Psychology & Health [PPPH]. Having begun her clinical pursuits in late 1972, she is the 2017 recipient of the David B Chamberlain LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD IN PRE & PERINATAL PSYCHOLOGY AND HEALTH.

Being dually licensed in mental / behavioral health and therapeutic massage & bodywork, her practice was a BodyMind practice, which focused on trauma, loss & grief, and prevention.

During her career she also taught neonatal, pediatric, obstetrical, and family practice medical staff nationally and internationally, as well as in colleges and universities as guest faculty, and presented at congresses / conferences / medical symposiums on these matters.
She has published articles on newborn development in professional journals and newsletters beginning in the 1970’s. Dr. Garland is one of the initial co-authors of the top selling neonatal medical textbook: HANDBOOK of NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE, co-authoring the chapter: NEONATES AND THE ENVIRONMENT: IMPACT ON DEVELOPMENT.
Dr. Garland has been an active member in APPPAH [Association for Pre & Perinatal Psychology & Health] since 1985, serving on the Editorial Board of its journal [Journal of Pre & Perinatal Psychology] since 1989 and creating the Continuing Education Services for the organization in 1995/96. She is one of the Co-Founders of ATTACh [Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children] in 1990, and served 2 terms on its founding Board of Directors. Dr. Garland has presenting extensively at both organizations’ conferences since 1987.
She is also the US Director for the international pre & perinatal organization, WHOLE-SELF DEVELOPMENT & DISCOVERY INSTITUTE, located in the Netherlands. Dr. Garland has also served on the Board of Directors of one of the first free standing Midwifery Centers during the 1970’s and Advisory Board of Fertility Clinics during the 1980’s thru the early 2000’s.
Prior to her retirement, Dr. Garland worked nationally and internationally for five [5] decades in pre & perinatal psychology [early infancy & childhood Bonding Attachment, family development, and Reproductive & Perinatal Loss & grief] death & dying / major life transitions, women’s issues, co-dependency, and gender scripting. Forty [40] of these years were spent in private practice as a BodyMind therapist, consultant and educator, specializing in Bonding from the Beginning, Reproductive & BondingAttachment dynamics, trauma, and loss & grief issues. Assisting people with
Birthing In * Birthing Within Themselves * and Birthing Out.
She continues to provide these services to individuals, groups and organizations on a limited basis.

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