meet Dr. Binu Singh

Child Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

Dr. Singh Binu (M.D.) is a child psychiatrist and psychotherapist and currently runs a mental health care program for babies and their parents at the Psychiatry Center at the University of Leuven in Belgium. She is chairman of the Flemish ‘World Association of Infant Mental Health’ and teaches professionals in the field of (preventive) mental health care for children from conception to the age of 6.

Over the years, she studied multiple perspectives on physical and mental health, as well client centered and behavioural psychotherapy, pre- and perinatal psychology, infant mental health care and inner child work in adults. Her main professional goal and passion is raising awareness about the needs of infants, as she is convinced of the importance of prenatal and early childhood experiences for the well-being throughout life on a physical, psychological, social and spiritual level.

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