meet Lorraine Grayston

Homoeopathic Practitioner and Educator

Lorraine Grayston has been full-time practising homoeopath for over 25 years and currently works with a unique alchemy of Homoeopathy, Shamanism and Astrology, with individuals and with groups. She is passionate about enabling people to take a conscious and active role in their healing.

It was (and still is) her connection to Shamanism, Earth-based spirituality, that led her to study and become a qualified homoeopathic practitioner and educator teaching in the UK and abroad. She was a core teacher at Lakeland College of holistic healing and Homeopathy for many years and currently is a core teacher at Southern College of Homeopathy.
Lorraine was part of initiating and developing “The Spirit of Homeopathy” seminars in Greece where she was directly involved in the making and proving of some of the Matridonal remedies. She works extensively with the Matridonal remedies and continually witnesses their profound and lasting effects. As co-director of Eagles Wing Centre of Contemporary Shamanism and Medicine Woman Medicine Ways she also choreographs and facilitates shamanic practitioner training and self development courses using the Medicine Wheel as a map of consciousness and working with the cycles of nature and the cosmos. She continues to be a lover of life, an explorer of it’s ever evolving unfolding and potentiality, passionately bringing her life experience of learning and sharing both to her individual work and her work with groups.
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