Free course introduction

The Birth Mask Reveal Training Introduction

with Karlton Terry
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Every baby has an unheard story that they are eager to share – the STORY OF THEIR BIRTH. With a Birth Mask Reveal, this story, written into the baby’s physiognomy, becomes crystal clear.
Learning and knowing this story, without a doubt, enhances compassion for the baby and compassion for oneself.
Babies whose stories are seen and honored can shed the anxiety that devolves into fear, impatience, competitiveness, hubris, and greed.

This Free Live Talk is an introduction to Level I of the BIRTH MASK REVEAL METHOD TRAINING by Karlton Terry. We will be discussing the process of ‘BASIC MAPPING’ of the baby’s face which reveals the markers of cranial and facial moulding caused by compression and drag forces during birth.
Meet the presenter

Karlton Terry

Pre and Perinatal Educator