Gold Membership

Offers you:
  • Access to all live and recorded one hour masterclasses
  • Access to live and recorded mentorship groups
  • One FREE three hour course or workshop
  • 20% discount off all other courses, workshops and training events

£199 / year

Automatic recurring annual payment. You will be sent a  notification one week prior to renewal.
One time payment. Enrollment by admin. Expires automatically after 12 months.

Benefits of this subscription plan

Unlimited Access to one hour Live Classes

Every month we hold a live masterclass with an expert teacher on a variety of topics

Unlimited Access to our Extensive Class Library

We have a comprehensive class library with a mine of information to support your practice

Downloadable Podcasts for each class

Simply right click on the audio and download to your phone or computer to listen whenever you feel like it

Monthly Mentorship group

We provide a monthly mentorship group with one of our teachers around a certain topic. Join and share your experiences, questions and concerns.

One free course

Of the value of £60 or £75

You will receive a coupon that allows you 100% discount for one course

20% discount off all Courses, workshops and trainings

You will receive a coupon that allows you to this discount for any of our courses and workshops

Cancel subscription any time

You can cancel your subscription any time if you choose the recurring option. Alternatively, you can sign up for one year at a time.

classes included in your gold membership

mentorship groups included in your membership

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