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bonding before birth

Why it is so important for the development of the baby and how to get there

Two Part Workshop  with Gerhard and Anne Schroth
Part 1 (free access): Thursday, 29 February  2024 at 19h - 20h UK time
Part 2: Saturday, 16 March 2024 at 15h - 17h UK time

In this two part workshop, German psychoanalyst Gerhard Schroth and his wife Anne will provide an in-depth introduction to the method of Prenatal Bonding (BA).
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Becoming ever more Human

Befriend Intuition

Mentorship Group with Mia Kalef
Monday, 11 March  2024 at 17h - 18h 30 UK time

Join Mia for a practical session where you will open and enhance your connection to your intuitive gifts.
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birth journey constellation

Integration of the Earliest Stages of our Lives with Constellation Work

Free Live Workshop with Nir Esterman
Tuesday, 19 March  2024 at 19h - 20h UK time

In this live talk, Nir will guide us through a preliminary tour of our early life stages through a guided Constellation process. We will get a sense of how Constellations can be used to learn about and integrate our pre- and perinatal imprints. 
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Prenatal Baby Body Language

Training Class with Karlton Terry
Thursday, 21 March  2024 at 19h - 21h UK time

In this training class, Karlton Terry will elaborate on prenatal baby body language. We will learn about its different aspects and how to recognise them in the infant’s gestures and behaviour.
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C-section Births

Mentorship Group with Karlton Terry
Thursday, 18 April  2024 at 19h - 20h 30 UK time

In this class, Karlton discusses the short-term and long-term implications of C-section imprints on the psyche of a baby, and how consequences from C-sections births can complicate the social dynamics in the family.
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