free talk

The Colourful

with Shatia Owsley
Every woman/ birthing person has a story to share. This story started generations ago and is stored in the very womb that they carry within them everyday. The womb is more than just the physical environment where babies are carried or where the menstrual cycle releases its monthly shedding of cells and tissues; the womb holds creativity and passions, the root of one's tears and fears, as well as the undeniable power of resilience and grace.

The sacredness of the womb holds our traditions and customs, the ancestral knowledge of our ancestors and the  power to heal the next generation. We all have a story, regardless of what we may feel about it, it's colourful and it's ours.

In this talk, holistic psychosocial and trauma practitioner Shatia Owsley will share her story around birth and her healing work with families, especially in the black maternal health/ birth community.
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Shatia Owsley

Holistic Psychosocial and Trauma Practitioner