Role Of Connective Tissue In Pre And Perinatal Health and Trauma

With Kelduyn Garland
The protocols for handling and caring for newborns have significant impact on the bonding and attachment relationship with their parents . . . and especially their mother.

It can either reaffirm & enhance the relationship begun in utero or it can interrupt this relationship which has adverse and traumatic impact on the mother-child relationship as well as future, ongoing relationships. This can impact the health & wellness of people, families, societies, and even global interactions.
This presentation addresses the dynamics involved in the bonding-attachment process and the physiological impacts of how newborns are handled and cared for at birth.

We look at the ongoing effects as exhibited in the intra-psychic conclusions and perception of the individual themselves, of others and the world which mold and define their relationships on an ongoing basis, as well as their physical and psychological health and well-being.
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  • Entry Level
  • Descriptive
  • Powerpoint
  • To support your client
  • 100 minute class
  • Life-time access to recording

Learning outcomes

  • Gain a basic familiarity with bonding-attachment concepts
  • Learn about the impact of early life experiences on individual and society

who can this benefit

  • Birth practitioners wanting to deepen their insight into bonding-attachment dynamics
  • Anyone interested in the impact of early life experiences on the individual's further development
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Kelduyn Garland

Pre and Perinatal Psychology