Foundations of

Safety and Stability

With Moira Dempsey

Rhythmic Movement Training International (RMTi) is a primitive reflex integration programme that explores the role of babies’ natural developmental movements during different stages of development.

These stages are: before birth, the first six months after birth, as the baby gets up on their hands and knees and as they learn to walk. These movements are crucial for laying the foundations of neural network pathway growth. They are also important for establishing head control, muscle tone and posture, the basis of our ability to move and learn through life with ease and choice.

In this class, Moira Dempsey looks at infant reflex development and integration of stress and emotional responses on a physical level. This includes RMTi movements and activities which are based on replicating the movements that infants naturally make. These create rhythm, ease and smoothness in building the coordination and organisation that lay at the foundation of learning to be safe in the world. This safety can then lead to an ability to find inner peace.

  • Entry Level
  • Theoretical
  • Powerpoint
  • Practical application
  • 60 minute class

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about primitive reflex integration
  • Familiarise yourself with the techniques developed by Rhythmic Movement Training International

who can this benefit

  • Birth practitioners wanting to deepen their knowledge around primitive reflexes
  • Anyone interested in infant reflex development

Moira Dempsey

Infant Reflexes Teacher and Trainer