Prenatal ‘Memory’

How Can We Know if We Don’t Remember?

with Ludwig Janus
Memory as we normally understand this term is not considered possible until the brain has reached a certain stage of development, i.e. a functioning prefrontal cortex. This is why we do not remember early life experiences in the same way as, say, childhood events.
However, what befalls us in the early stages of life is stored as existential experience in body memory as well as midbrain and brain stem emotional and behavioural memory. Within pre- and perinatal psychology it is possible to identify body feelings and irrational behaviour as coming from preverbal times in our life.

In this class, German lecturer and psychoanalyst Dr. Ludwig Janus elaborates on the nature of the various expressions of our earliest experiences, both personal and cultural.
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  • Entry Level
  • Experiential
  • Practical application
  • To support your client
  • 60 minute class
  • life-long access to recording

Learning outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of early life brain structures and pre-verbal memory.
  • Gain an insight into how early life memories can manifest and be uncovered

who can this benefit

  • Anyone with an interest in pre- and perinatal life
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Meet Our Presenter
Patrick Jones - Course author

ludwig janus

Lecturer and Psychoanalysis Instructor