The Matridonal Remedies

with Lorraine Grayston
Matridonal remedies are made from substances whose original source has a direct connection to pregnancy, birth and lactation and thus relate to the beginnings of a human being in utero. ‘Matridonal’ means ‘given or gifted by the mother,’ thereby emphasizing the great contribution mothers offer to the creation of human life.

In this session Lorraine takes you on a journey through the common themes and differentiations of some of the matridonal homeopathic remedies. We explore the vast potential of these remedies, touch in on how they can serve in all rights of passage from our birth journey onwards and why they are particularly relevant at this time.
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  • Entry Level
  • Intermediate
  • Descriptive
  • Practical application
  • To support your client
  • 60 minute class
  • life-long access to recording

Learning outcomes

  • Learn which are the homeopathic remedies that specifically relate to pregnancy and birth
  • Get an overview of the areas of application for matridonal remedies

who can this benefit

  • Practitioners familiar with homeopathy wanting to learn more about pregnancy support
  • Anyone interested in homeopathic support for pregnant women and young mums
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Lorraine Grayston

Homoeopathic Practitioner and Educator