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What is My Child Telling Me, That I’m Not Getting ……Yet?

How to read and interpret Baby Body Language

with Anne Matthews
Thursday, 27 June 2024 at 19h UK time
In this live talk, holistic Chiropractor Anne Matthews will introduce her new book “What is My Child Telling Me, That I’m Not Getting ……Yet?”. With a background in Paediatric Neuro-developmental Training and Pre & Perinatal Education (among other fields), Anne makes use of captivating stories from parents she has worked with therapeutically over the past 35 years to show how to interpret the body language of babies and young children.

We will hear some of the book’s insightful reasons and solutions to the range of challenges that children have in reaching many of their developmental milestones which range from the unsettled newborn who cries excessively or has issues around sleeping, feeding etc. to the older baby who dislikes tummy time, crawling and sleeping on their back and the toddler who has emotional meltdowns and shows early signs of developmental delay.

Anne Matthews

Chiropractor For Children
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