meet Anne Matthews

Chiropractor for children
BSc Hons Physio, DC, Dip Biomech, FBCA, PPNE

Anne is a holistic based Chiropractor with 37 years of clinical experience. Her professional background includes Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Biomechanics, Craniosacral Therapy together with Paediatric Neuro-developmental training and Pre & Perinatal Education.

Anne is the Clinic Director of the Belfast Chiropractic Clinic & Complementary Therapies which she set up in 1986 and over the past 3 decades has brought together a collaborative care team of natural health care practitioners, chiropractors and therapists focusing on the integrative care ethos of caring for the diverse needs of the family.

Anne’s works with newborns and babies, together with small children and pregnant mums. Her passion is to integrate and weave her extensive therapeutic skills in the treatment room and to work with children from the lens of a Pre & Perinatal Educator. She focuses on the resolution of prenatal, birth and early trauma as she interprets a child’s Baby Body Language, which a child will express physically, developmentally and emotionally. During a child’s birth trauma healing session Anne will also expand a parents’ awareness and facilitate them to connect in a more heartfelt and soulful way with their child.

Anne has created and developed her Baby Body Language (BBL) teaching approach in order to facilitate awareness and understanding of the PPN Education perspectives in the physical, emotional and developmental challenges of the growing child. She has taught her BBL workshops to parents, practitioners, therapists and teachers both in Europe and USA.

Anne will be offering online health coaching courses as a Pre & Perinatal Educator at -

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