meet Dorothy Mandel


Dorothy Mandel received her doctoral training at Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center. “I had the extraordinary opportunity to do my doctoral research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences under the direction of Dr. Dean Radin and with consultative assistance from Dr. Rollin McCraty of the HeartMath Institute. The research used heart rate and heart rate variability in conjunction with EEG measures to explore various parameters of nonlocal human connectedness.”

In addition to this work, Dorthy has for many years had a deep and abiding interest in the importance of prenatal and perinatal experiences as a gateway between the worlds and an experience of impact throughout the life span.

She experienced and sat through many regressions that spanned both past life and prenatal memories. Through this work, she developed a deep interest in preventing and repatterning traumatic imprints.

Dorothy taught graduate classes in pre- and perinatal psychology at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and has been in private practice as a Licensed Psychologist in Santa Rosa CA for 15 years.

She is a mother of four adult kids and grandmother of six.

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