Intergenerational Trauma Healing

With Nir Esterman

Below many of our “personal issues” lies some family history. A history that strongly influences how we experience the world and how we react to it. Unprocessed losses and grief, physical, sexual, and emotional trauma of our ancestors, their difficult fates, continue to live in us in a layer that precedes and shapes our developmental and psychological growth..

This intergenerational transfer of trauma continues with our children and grandchildren. The burden we cannot carry well, affects their lives, too. Under the spell of intergenerational trauma, we may feel that the issues we are dealing with are just too big, or infinite – they will never go away no matter how much energy and resources we put into them..

Healing or disentangling ourselves from the traumas of the past paves the way to dealing well with our personal issues, difficult as they may be. It allows for the healing and better processing of the present. In this webinar, Nir Esterman introduces us to intergenerational healing, how to identify it and how you and your clients may be affected by it. A powerful approach to healing and re-integrating the trauma of the past.

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Nir Esterman

Therapist and Teacher