in depth course

Soul Loss

A Pre and Perinatal

With Matthew Appleton
This course aims to introduce the idea of soul as the natural mediator between our personal identity (ego) and our spiritual ground. We will look at the understanding of soul loss from the shamanic perspective and as the central malaise of our time.

We will see how our formative experiences of life in the womb, birth and how we are welcomed into the world can either support us to stay connected to soul or lead to soul loss.
Drawing from clinical experience as a psychotherapist, craniosacral therapist and integrative baby therapist, as well as drawing from various indigenous and spiritual traditions, I will share how connecting with the wisdom of the soul can give us a deeper orientation to healing.
Each module will include exercises to help us reconnect with soul, as well as support soul connectivity in prenates and babies.

course overview

This In depth Course will provide:

  • A view of soul as an internal guide.
  • Understanding of the nature of soul loss - especially in relation to pre and perinatal experience.
  • An understanding of the interface between prenatal experience, the ancestral field, and the collective unconscious.
  • Practical exercises to connect with soul
  • Deeper understanding of how awareness of soul can help us connect with prenates and children.

Free introduction

Why this course?
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  • Experiential
  • 3 classes
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  • 1 Certification

who can this benefit

  • Birth practitioners who would like to gain an understanding of the nature of soul loss during the pre and perinatal period
  • Anyone who would like to gain awareness in how to support babies through this early formative period
  • Anyone who would like to understand the ways in which their own primal beginnings may have shaped who they are today

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