The Pregnant pelvis

How to protect the pelvic floor  during birth

with Chantal Traub
The journey of giving birth is undeniably one of the most profound events in a woman's life, often accompanied by apprehension, especially concerning the aspects of pushing and tearing. Childbirth subjects the female perineum to significant stretching and pressure, an experience with lasting consequences.

In this class, birth doula and childbirth educator Chantal Traub shows the relationship between the shape of the pelvis and childbirth.
 She discusses how the role of the pelvic floor helps the baby navigate through the bony structures. You will discover a relevant part of the body that is often ignored but is an essential key part of labour. The class also explores what the second stage of labour is and what is really going on with the pelvis, the baby and the pelvic floor.

With the help of proactive preparation, attention, and knowledge the perineum can be protected during delivery whether with or without epidural.
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  • Intermediate
  • Experiential
  • Practical application
  • To support your client
  • 60 minute class
  • life-long access to recording

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about the role of the pelvic floor during birth
  • Find out how the pelvic floor can be protected during labour

who can this benefit

  • Practitioners working with pregnant mums
  • Midwives, doulas, obstetricians
  • Pregnant women
  • Anyone interested in birth
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Chantal Traub

Doula and Child Birth Educator