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Birth Practitioner

Know Thyself

With Tara Blasco
During this three-part course we have an opportunity through exercises and awareness to explore early imprints that are influencing the way we see life and respond to the world.

This helps us differentiate as we support others (family and clients) with their birth journeys.
Tara Blasco
Tara has a Ph.D in prenatal and perinatal psychology from the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute.

Currently she is the co-director of the Beba clinic together with Ray Castellino.

She is a certified craniosacral therapist and a Certified Womb Surround Process Workshop facilitator.

Develop your self awareness ?

Through this course you will :

  • Gain further awareness on the importance of prenatal and perinatal period of life
  • Understand how this time has an effect on the rest of our lives
  • Explore how early memories are stored
  • Understand how implicit and explicit memories work
  • Explore our own birth
  • Do together some slow down practices and centering exercises
  • Do other exercises to further exploration and inquiry
  • Understand how sequencing works and explore our own sequencing (how we move through events in our lives to discover if they follow some kind of pattern)
  • Understand how our sequencing might be connected to our birth journey
  • Learn how to apply these discoveries to your work with families (babies and/or children – the age group we will focus on will depend on the interest of participants)

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    watch full introduction here


    Free Introduction

    In this introduction, Tara discusses the themes of this course.
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    Class one

    Exploration of your birth and early story

    We practise several exercises to get in touch with our own journeys.
    • centering exercises
    • inquiry exercises
    • discovery exercises
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    Class two

    Importance of cycles and sequencing

    We dedicate this class to explore how we move through events in our lives to discover if they follow some kind of pattern.

    We will look into cycles of time that have beginnings, middles and endingsExplore how our sequencing might be connected to our birth and early stories
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    Class Three

    How to integrate their early imprints

    For our final session, depending on the interest of the class we will focus more in the baby stages or in how to support children of all ages.

    Based on my more than 20 years working with families at the BEBA clinic and privately I bring those aspects of the work with families that fell the most  interesting and relevant.


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