in depth course

Pelvic floor

anatomy and health

With Kathy Dooley

What is the true anatomy of the pelvic floor?
Common pelvic floor dysfunction.
Prevention and treatment of pelvic floor disorders.

Kathy dooley
Kathy Dooley is a chiropractor and anatomy instructor at two New York City medical schools and adjunct professor at New York University’s College of Dentistry. With her profound knowledge of and infectious enthusiasm for anatomy she makes this somewhat daunting subject accessible to all.

course overview

In this course, Kathy provides us with the correct anatomical definition of the pelvic floor muscles as there can be some confusion around that part of the body. We will learn about possible symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction as well as their prevention and treatment.

This course is suitable for therapists, instructors, teachers and practitioners of all modalities.. You do not need to be a practitioner to enroll, but a passionate interest in human movement is essential.

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Free Introduction

In this introduction, Kathy will discuss the themes of the course.
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Class one

True Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor, and How it is Misunderstood

  • Anatomy, blood supply, innervations of the pelvic floor
  • Proposed actions of the pelvic floor
  • Possible confusion with other nearby anatomy
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Class two

Common Presentations of Pelvic Floor Disorders

  • Signs, symptoms, and diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders, from painful sex to incontinence
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Class Three

Common Prevention and Treatments of Pelvic Floor Disorders

  • Internal work with its highlights and limitations
  • Posterior oblique subsystem
  • Underused relationships with movement rehabilitation for pelvic floor disorders (including hip centration and trunk stabilization)


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