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With Edy Nathan
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The loss of identity is rarely, if ever, discussed when a new mother presents with depression or anxiety. The diagnosis attributed to these emotions are often part of a postpartum container.

In this course, Edy examines how the loss of her old identity a new mother experiences is a missing piece to understanding the dilemma new mothers face when they are in the first phase of their child’s new life.

You will learn how to support new mothers in coping with the loss of who they were prior to the birth of their child and how to help them integrate the their birthing journey and new motherhood that is now part of who they are. 
In this course, I guide you through:

  • The Eleven Phases of Grief for the new mother
  • A definition of the Sexual Grief Effect - a new perspective on developmental traumatic experience and how it relates to the mother-child bind of fusion and differentiation
  • Three specific breathing exercises to bring a new mother back to being in her body
  • Three specific grounding exercises to enable the new mother to honour her own identity in the face of what she feels she has lost
  • Define the difference between the loss of self and postpartum depression
  • The Self Quest Questionnaire to share with clients - and ongoing support for them


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class one

Motherhood: The Unforeseen Bind of Loss Of Identity

  • Personal and social identity
  • Identifying the distinction between the desire to bond with the newborn and ‘fusing’ one’s own self with the child
  • How the pattern of grief integrates with the losses
  • The role of unresolved prior grief
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class two

The Motherhood Bind and Grief

  • The Eleven Phases of Grief
  • The tension between the happiness of being a mother and the  confusion of disconnection from the self
  • How to hold shame and grief with honour and respect
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class three

Breaking the Bind

  • Honoring the Core Self while Honoring the Needs of the Infant
  • Legitimising the mother’s own needs
  • The P.L.A.N.K. method
  • Self soothing exercises, breath work and movement
Why this course?
  • Entry/intermediate level
  • Three 60 minute classes
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Practical Exercises
  • Q and A with presenter
  • Life long access to recordings
  • Certificate of Attendance

who can this benefit

  • practitioners working with pregnant and new mums
  • new parents
  • anyone wishing to support new mums

learning outcomes

  • Understand the concept of postpartum 'loss of self'
  • Gain an insight into the bind of connection to self and infant
  • Learn to understand the grief over the loss of a new mums old identity
  • Learn how to support new mums in the process of integrating their old and new identities

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