in depth course

Human as Embryo

The Embryo in Us

A phenomenological journey through our prenatal life and what it means for becoming human

With Jaap van der Wal

Over recent decades scientists have furthered their knowledge and understanding about prenatal existence. Scientific techniques such as genetic engineering have given the ability to manipulate and create the human embryo, according to the prevailing insight in our culture about the human being. Despite advances, mainstream science still views the embryo in a reductionist way as a bundle of cells, tissues, organs and genes. This view however does not address questions about the deeper sense and meaning of this stage of human existence which may have a lot to tell us about the true sense of being human.

In this two part course, Jaap van der Wal  considers the major themes of being born and dying, conception and the ‘beginning of life’. Images, stories and reflections are be used to elucidate human embryonic development during the first few weeks. The human embryo is considered as an incarnating human being that exhibits human behaviour in gestures of growth and metamorphosis from the first moment of conception onwards.

In this course, we begin the search for spirit and soul in the body appreciating Rumi’s notion that, “The body developed out of us, not we from it … We made the body, cell by cell we made it”.

Jaap van der Wal is a physician who specialised in the research and teaching of anatomy and embryology. He attempts to make a bridge between both medical biology and natural science, and a more spiritual view of man and nature.

Join Jaap as he gives his unique view on birth and prenatal life in which he follows a phenomenological approach searching for understanding in addressing key questions like ‘What are we doing as an embryo?”

course overview

This In depth Course explores:

  • The creative principles and forces that work through the human being
  • The understanding of prenatal development – gestures of growth as human behaviour and expression
  • The dynamics of conception, incarnation, embodiment and individuation
  • The dynamics of birth – where do we come from? The organisation of the human body in body axes and planes
  • Phases of embryonic development as ways of being
  • The macrocosm in the microcosm of bodily organisation
  • Man and animal – humans as adult embryos
  • The whole body as psychosomatic dimension
  • The human body as dynamic equilibrium of polarities (Randolph Stone) with the healing power of threefoldness (Rudolf Steiner) resulting in “Man is Mind. Motion, Matter” (Andrew T. Still)
  • The meaning of the germ layers in the body with the meso(derm) as origin of the “fascia”, together with blood the “organ of innerness”

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  • 6 classes
  • Q and A with Jaap
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Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an insight into the phenomenological approach to conception and birth
  • Understand the human embryonic development during the first few weeks
  • Learn to see how the embryo can be considered an incarnating human being with personal expression
  • Gain an understanding of the developing human body as dynamic equilibrium of polarities

who can this benefit

  • Birth practitioners who would like to gain a deeper understanding of current embryology
  • Anyone who would like to understand the ways in which their own primal beginnings may have shaped who they are today

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