Holding Babies While Working On Common Issues

Practical Tips Using Craniosacral Therapy

With Maria Esposito
This workshop series will use instruct the participant how to use cranio-sacral therapy techniques with babies on common issues. We will provide tips on how to hold a baby, while working on various parts of the body.

Maria will support you to get confident in holding a baby, and also show videos on how to hold a baby in various way. We will also practise mindfulness meditations to start in a calm state and stay in that calm state during the entire session.
I will be talking about common issues encountered with babies. Showing how to hold a baby with confidence, and answering questions from my experience in working with babies and doing a mindfulness meditation.

Maria esposito

Workshop overview

In this workshop series we will be:

  • Looking at different ways of holding a baby while working on them

  • Getting into a state of calmness and confidence in holding a baby

  • Knowing the most common issues that arise from birth trauma

  • Being aware that working with babies can be wonderful if you fully connect to their system

  • Some of the questions regarding working with babies answered

Free Class Introduction to working with babies
Getting into a state of stillness and calm before working with babies, using meditation and working from the heart

Why this workshop?
  • Intermediate level
  • Practical application
  • Experiential
  • Q and A with presenter
  • Life long access to recordings
  • 1 Certification

who can this benefit

  • Any craniosacral therapists who want to start working with babies, or just graduated.
  • Therapist who already work with babies and would like another way of working or reinforcing a way of working

Learning outcomes

  • Practical tips on working with babies
  • Various ways of holding a baby while working
  • Simple meditation to get to begin work from the heart and a place of unconditional love
  • Confidence in practicing with friends and family babies


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  • Life long access to recordings

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  • lifelong access to recordings
  • Access to all our Live and Recorded classes for 1 year
  • Access to All Monthly Support Groups with Karlton Terry and Mia Kalef for 1 year
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