in depth course

holding the safe space

How to provide optimal support
during pregnancy and birth

With Chantal Traub
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Feeling safe, supported and connected is of the greatest importance for a mother, throughout pregnancy and especially during birth. But what are the ingredients for a sense of safety in those vulnerable times? How can we actively contribute to creating rapport and safe support where it is most needed?

In this course, US based doula Chantal Traub shows how an understanding of the human nervous system can enable us to be of real support to mums so that they can have the best possible birth experience and minimise potential trauma. Through slide presentations, the sharing of case studies (client stories) and demonstrations, Chantal

  • Explains how emotions affect hormones and why that matters for pregnancy and birth
  • Teaches body-based practices to maintain the shift from fear to calm and confidence
  • Shows how to help the mother and family create their unique birth preferences

Challenging real life experiences are be discussed and you will learn how to work with our own emotional responses under such circumstances. We will discover the baby's role in birth and that parent-infant bonding begins before birth and is the path to connection. 
I use slide presentation, lecture, share case studies (client stories) and demonstrations to help course participants gain a deeper insight and practical experience of how the nervous system processes input from the environment and what that means for pregnancy and birth.

You will familiarise yourself with the concepts taught by Polyvagal Theory and how to apply them in the field so that you can be of real support where and when it is most needed.


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class one

  • The Guardian behind the Scenes - Our Autonomic Nervous System
  • Three Essentials of Safety for Birth
  • Neuroception: Our Body's Surveillance System
  • Our Story Follows our State
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class two

  • How Our Nervous Systems Speak to Each Other - Connectedness and Co-Regulation
  • Listening to Our Bodily Signals
  • How to Create a Touch Map
  • When Things Went Less Well - Rupture & Repair
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class three

  • Community – Wrap Your Clients in Their Resources
  • Remaining in the Eye of the Storm - Self-Regulation
  • Rhythm & Ritual
  • Postpartum Considerations
  • Applying Polyvagal Principles to Your Practice
Why this course?
  • Entry/intermediate level
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Practical Exercises
  • Q and A with presenter
  • Life long access to recordings
  • Certificate of Attendance

who can this benefit

  • doula and midwives
  • childbirth educators
  • yoga teachers
  • bodywork therapists
  • nurses and physicians
  • other healthcare providers
  • interested parents and care providers

learning outcomes

  • Understand your own nervous system fluctuations
  • The ability to read the emotional state of your clients
  • Learn to help guide clients to a sense of safety and connection
  • Learn to help the mother and family create their unique birth preferences
  • Familiarse yourself with Polyvagal Principles and apply them in the field


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  • Life long access to recordings

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