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Prenatal And Perinatal

Healing Happens In Layers

With Kate White

Many practitioners want to learn more about healing earliest trauma, or the time in life that includes preconception, conception, prenatal life, birth and after birth we call “prenatal and perinatal.”

Kate White

Kate White is a craniosacral and massage therapist, prenatal and early childhood educator. All her therapeutic work and classes arise out of her work as a somatic therapist, where she is passionate about the brain and mind-body medicine.

course overview

Kate will offer maps of experience, skills and experiential practices for the participants with powerpoint presentations, demonstrations, breakouts and group exercises.

  • Three presentations about the various ways prenatal and perinatal healing can be described in layers.
  • Map One will explore the large categories of ways we describe the elements of blueprint and imprint in prenatal and perinatal trauma.
  • Map Two will describe the layers of the baby’s experience starting from preconception, and how you can start examining early history.
  • Map Three will lay out a plan for practitioner working with layers of earliest trauma, starting from a strength based approach, working with somatic trauma resolution skills, toward a coherent and resonant whole.
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Free Introduction

In this introduction, Kate introduces the themes of the course.

This course will provide maps of understanding earliest trauma through descriptions of different layers: Physiologically, actually, categorically, and in a granulated sense from the baby’s experience.

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Class one

Introduction to the Layers of Early Experience and the Physiology of Trauma

  • Participants will learn the prenatal and perinatal somatic concept of identifying layers of experience.
  • Participants will identify trauma physiology and how to track with the layers.
  • Participants will be able to discern physiological layers and the role of touch in healing earliest trauma.
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Class two

Five Distinct Experiential Layers and Understanding Blueprint and Imprint

  • Participants will be able to map out the broad categories of earliest experiences, specifically imprints, or early overwhelming experiences and blueprint, our essential nature and health.
  • Participants will learn a tracking system for understanding earliest trauma and recognition of its impact to the nervous system.
  • Participants will receive instructions for skills of presence and facilitated inquiry when working with blueprint and imprint.
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Class Three

Blueprint/Imprint Possibilities and the Layers of Early Experience

  • Participants will receive a map describing earliest blueprint and imprint possibilities.
  • Participants will be encouraged to view their responses through the autonomic nervous system and the felt sense.
  • Participants will apply autonomic nervous system skills when working with early memories.
  • Entry Level
  • Powerpoint
  • Theoretical
  • To support your client
  • 3 x 90 minute class
  • Life-long access to recordings

Learning outcomes

  • Be provided maps of approach to healing pre and perinatal trauma to use as a base and foundation to build upon.

who can this benefit

  • Practitioners who would like to begin to integrate pre and perinatal healing in their work with clients
  • Clients who would like to further understand the terrain of pre and perinatal healing
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