The Perinatal Matrices

Cornerstones of Holotropic Breathwork

with Sonja Busch
Early life events are shrouded in amnesia for most people. The relative inaccessibility of those memories, combined with the possible belief that there is no awareness before the brain is fully developed means that overall, our society does not pay much attention to the embryo’s, foetus’s and infant’s perspective.  At the beginning of physical life, the perilous journey into the unknown, remains prominently unknown.

Half a century ago, Stanislav Grof developed his view of the four ‘Perinatal Matrices’ which would become his biggest contribution to transpersonal psychology. He saw the experiences an individual makes in utero, during birth and just after birth reflected in their entire psychological make-up.

The Perinatal Matrices are not seen as mere biological events but as psychological and spiritual experiences that can shape an individual's personality and consciousness. They represent a gateway to the unconscious, on a personal and collective level. Experiential confrontation with birth and death can result in a spiritual opening and discovery of the mystical dimensions of the psyche and existence.

In this talk, Bowen Practitioner and Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator Sonja Busch explains how the four perinatal matrices may be the gateway to physical, mental and energetic well-being.Through clients’ stories you will see how Holotropic Breathwork can support their journey, as well as helping you in your personal and professional growth as practitioners.
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  • Experiential
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  • To support your client
  • 60 minute class
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Learning outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of Stanislav Grof's concept of the perinatal matrices
  • Learn more about the background of Holotropic Breathwork

who can this benefit

  • Anyone interested in the background of Holotropic Breathwork relative to the birth experience
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Meet Our Presenter
Patrick Jones - Course author

Sonja Busch

Bowen practitioner and Holotropic Breathwork® Facilitator