Supporting Emotional And Physical Release In Birth

with Suzanne Yates
In this live stream, Suzanne Yates leads a touch and movement based exploration of how to tune into supporting the mother and baby during birth using the Girdle Vessel.

Previous knowledge of the girdle vessel is not required as Suzanne will describe and provide an understanding before leading the practice.

During this class, Suzanne will also include some work around releasing the sacrum and connecting with the baby.
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  • Entry Level
  • Experiential
  • Practical application
  • To support your client
  • 75 minute class
  • life-long access to recording

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to use the Girdle Vessel to support the birth process
  • Learn about releasing the sacrum and connective tissue

who can this benefit

  • Birth practitioners who like to learn a new modality to integrate in their work with clients
  • Shiatzu practitioners that would like to become more specialized in working with women during pregnancy
  • Anyone who would like to learn more about the way shiatzu can support prgnancy,birth and beyond.
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Suzanne Yates

Shiatzu Therapist and Teacher