The Effect Of Miscarriages And Abortions

with Nir Esterman
Loss leaves its mark on the family system, and on the people who have lost a relative or a close one.

This is something widely acknowledged. What happens when the loss we experience is of someone not yet born? Consider the effect of the following:

  • miscarriages
  • abortion
  • stillbirths
  • A twin being absorbed in the womb by the other twin or by the body of the mother
  • IVF fetuses failing to mature, pregnancies that naturally stop at the first trimester

All of these are forms of the loss of someone who was here for a short while and is no more.

How does it affect the mother, the father, the siblings? What is their embodied, often unconscious, sense of what has happened?How may post-birth depression, lack of connection with your baby, and other symptoms, be related to death before birth.

Please join us for this fascinating and practical session. Nir will share from his experience in this field and also guide us through a short structured session so that we can experience the profound healing that is possible and maybe pass this on to our clients .
  • Entry Level
  • Experiential
  • Discourse
  • To support your client
  • 60 minute class
  • life-long access to recording

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about the impact of the loss of a fetus on the family system
  • Gain an insight into the work with family constellations around loss of an unborn

who can this benefit

  • Birth practitioners supporting mums and families through the loss of a fetus
  • Anyone who would like to gain an understanding of the impact of miscarriage, abortion etc. on the family system

 Nir Esterman

Body Psychotherapist and Systemic Constellations Teacher