bonding before birth

Why is it so important for the development of the baby
and how to get there?

With Gerhard and Anne Schroth
Until recently, the fields of medical science and psychology have not generally acknowledged or embraced the idea that the unborn child already possesses a perceptible personality. However, over the past fifty years, an increasing number of researchers (such as Grof, Chamberlain, Verny, Lake, Sills, Piontelli, Emerson and many others ) have demonstrated that adults are shaped by intrauterine experiences, birth, and life events after birth.

Recent Research suggests, that bonding before birth - or prenatal bonding - is crucial for the baby's rapidly developing brain and for creating a sustainable relationship with mother, father and siblings.

Hungarian psychoanalysts Jenoe Raffai and Gyoergy Hidas have developed a method that enables a two-way-communication between mother and the unborn baby.  Prenatal Bonding (BA*) by Raffai/Hidas allows a deeper and interpersonal communication between the pregnant woman and the unborn child with far-reaching positive effects such as safe growth to term (nearly no premature birth), less birth injury or trauma, vastly reduced likelihood of postpartum depression, an easier relationship with and handling of babies after birth as well as enhanced early development of the baby's personality.
*BA stands for the German term 'Bindungsanalyse, literally translated 'bonding analysis'
Why this course?
  • Entry/intermediate level
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Practical Exercises
  • 60 minute class

who can this benefit

  • practitioners working with pregnant women
  • new parents and parents-to-be
  • anyone wishing to learn more about Prenatal Bonding (BA)

learning outcomes

  • Learn to understand this process with the help of an extensive case description
  • Understand the concept of Prenatal Bonding (BA)
  • Gain an insight into the steps of the Prenatal Bonding (BA) process
  • Gain a personal experience of the 'safe container' Prenatal Bonding (BA) wants to provide
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Meet the Presenters

Anne and Gerhard Schroth

Prenatal Bonding BA Trainers