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Integration of the earliest stages of our lives with Constellation Work

Systemic or Constellation Work is based on the Family Constellation approach developed by Bert Hellinger. It is a method for revealing and healing the relationship dynamics within any kind of personal, family or group system.

In the context of pre- and perinatal work, constellation work allows us to tap into the unconscious energetic pattering and imprints that we still carry in us from the very beginning of our lives, from conception to birth. It supports us in acknowledging what happened there and restoring our energetic or soul-level bodies to a more connected, ordered and whole state of being.

During a constellation, we hold space for ourselves and the other participants. Together, we connect and bring to life what was in a way that supports what can be.
Constellations offer a deep, often transformative healing movement of reconciliation that takes us closer to our potential for a vital and present life.

What comes up in a constellation is based on the imprints that are left of what happened to us and to previous generations in our family system. During the constellation process, we learn to acknowledge the perspectives of all involved and add resources where needed so that integration and closure become possible.

In this talk, Nir guides you through a preliminary tour of our early life stages through a guided Constellation process. You will get a sense of how Constellations can be used to learn about and integrate our pre- and perinatal imprints.

This event also serves as an introduction to a series of five constellation workshops during which we explore more deeply the imprints and possible healing of the different stages of early life, from conception to birth.

Live Birth Journey Constellation Workshops 2024

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Birth Journey constellations

In this live workshop, Nir Esterman will guide us through an individual and one or more group constellations to help us work with possible conception imprints that we might still carry within us.
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Birth Journey constellations

In this workshop, we will set up individual and group constellations to look at the dynamics in our system that stem from the circumstances of our implantation.
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Birth Journey constellations

In this workshop, the constellation set-up will help us gain a deeper insight into our own imprints around the feeling of ‘our right to exist’.
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Birth Journey constellations
Birth I

In this workshop, we will work with the ‘in utero’ part of birth. A myriad of aspects will leave their traces in our system from our birth experience. Constellation Work allows us to let come to the surface what wants to be healed from the time of our birth.
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Birth Journey constellations
Birth II

During this constellation session, we will set up the relevant aspects of our entrance into the world as a separate individual and work with what comes up and wants to be healed.

Birth journey constellation workshop series

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Nir Esterman

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