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Birth in the 2020ies

Where Are We at and Where Are We Headed?

with John Wilks & Anna Verwaal
Fertility rates are decreasing annually in most parts of the world, even China and India. Simultaneously, assisted reproductive technologies are making rapid progress and the number of births following these interventions is rising. Births by Caesarian section are on the rise worldwide with an uneven distribution of ‘underuse’ and ‘overuse’ (WHO).
What is the impact of this changing landscape on the way birth is viewed? How much attention is given to the baby’s perspective?

It is now over four decades that authors like Thomas Verny, Ludwig Janus and David Chamberlain started publishing on the awareness of babies and prenatal consciousness. What has changed in our collective thinking and how the public views birth, babies and how we come into this world?

In this talk, Anna Verwaal and John Wilks  have a wide ranging discussion about the current understanding of conception, pregnancy and birth around the world and what needs to happen to bring more awareness to the whole process of coming into being within the public as well as mainstream medicine.
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