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A monthly forum for mini lectures and Q & A
with Karlton Terry
Interesting and easy to understand and relate to, aspects of the menagerie of events, influences, and consequences from the pre & perinatal world.

This group is for practitioners and parents and will provide:

  • information regarding the psychological/emotional consequences from various pre & perinatal stages that all human beings experience
  • clarifying maladies based upon the underlying causes of symptoms so that treatment can be more direct and efficient explaining the P & P world with the newest information and research from the P & P sciences
  • sharing information that helps mediate historical events that created the foundations that have supported pathology in clients
  • elevate compassionate empathy, the healer's most powerful tool
  • explain how practitioners can guard against their own P & P issues getting activated while helping others (practitioner stress reduction)
  • the Q & A portion can address niggling concerns that have troubled or puzzled practitioners

Karlton Terry

Pre and Perinatal Educator and Author
  • Entry Level/Intermediary
  • Theoretical and Exploratory
  • Practical application
  • To support yourself and your client
  • 90 minute class
  • life-long access to recording

Learning outcomes

  • To have a space for your inquiries, whether personal or for your client
  • Learn and grow in your awareness and skills in the pre and perinatal world

who can this benefit

  • Birth practitioners who would like to deepen their own personal journey
  • Birth practitioners who would like support in their own work with clients
  • Parents who would like to deepen their awareness of pre and perinatal understanding