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Our classes and courses can help you understand and explore the dynamics, impacts and patterning of your own birth.
We provide content which will support those who would like to connect to their own birth story - experts in the field of pre- and perinatal health, embryology, and within various modalities to assist exploration into the earliest layers of your experience
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We will help you unlock your inner potential, so you can excel in your professional field.
High quality online education for birth professionals provided by world renowned experts in their field - a mine of information ranging from pre- and perinatal psychology to birth practices.

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upcoming live events

live mentorship group

Ask KT - Twin Loss

Thursday, 20 June 2024
 19h - 20h30 UK time

In this class, Karlton addresses the symptoms and coping strategies that present in twin dynamics, how these dynamics affect the surviving twin’s identity formation, and how to liberate babies from the agony of unresolved twin loss. 

live talk

What is My Child Telling Me, That I’m Not Getting ……Yet?

Thursday, 27 June 2024
 19h - 20h UK time

In this live talk Anne Matthews will introduce her new book “What is My Child Telling Me, That I’m Not Getting ……Yet?” which explains how to read and interpret Baby Body Language.


Incarnation in three trimesters

Saturday, 29 June 2024
1 4h - 18h UK time

In this workshop, Mary Bollingbroke will guide through an exploration of our journey from spirit, into mind, into body through our intra-uterine relationships of the three trimesters.