The Presence Of The Father At Birth

With Elmer Postle

As parenting and child rearing approaches evolve to include the understanding that what happens for the baby and the family is important at birth, the father’s role comes into focus in new ways. The way a woman’s body in pregnancy, birth and early parenting (in particular) is in full service to the well-being of the child, points to an interesting dialogue about how that process is supported.

Pioneering obstetrician Michel Odent suggests the father’s presence at birth is a hindrance. Conversely, leading teacher and creator of Source Process and Breathwork, Binnie A Dansby, proposes men be present with an evolved consciousness.

Elmer shares aspects of his own experience of becoming a father and how profound support from therapeutic approaches allowed him to know more about his own early life.

Elmer Postle

Craniosacral Therapist