experiential Live workshop

Healing Our Blind Spots

Reconciliation with Shadow Aspects

With Nir Esterman
Sunday, 22nd October at 18h30 - 22h UK time
Have you ever felt open and warm towards a baby but a bit judgemental or less empathetic towards the parents?

Why do some issues you encounter touch you much more deeply than others, sometimes luring you into the 'savior syndrome'?

How can you find a welcoming and soft  place inside you for a greater range of clients and issues?

The answers to these and many other questions lie in your Shadow.

Our Shadow is the realm of the unconscious into which those aspects of ourselves are  pushed which endanger our belonging to family and tribe. It is home to what we feel we have no choice but to disown, disconnect from and forget.

What we deny in ourselves, though, will trigger us in others in various ways. This may manifest as impatience, judgement, disgust, tiredness but also attraction and desire.

The Shadow is the”child” of trauma – it is shaped after the traumas of our parents and our ancestors. It is formed early in life, possibly even pre-birth.

The more we identify and integrate with our Shadow aspects, the more whole we will become, the more peace and harmony we will experience within ourselves and in our dealings with others.
Nir Esterman has developed Shadow Constellations - a unique approach to shadow work using family constellation set-ups which help us to identify, own and integrate our Shadows in a powerful, sensitive and trauma-aware way.

In this three hour workshop, Nir will give us theoretical background and guide us through self- and group constellations.

workshop overview

This workshop will give participants:

  • An understanding of the concept of shadow work
  • Insight into the origins of our shadow aspects
  • Ways to identify shadow aspects
  • A powerful experience of individual and group shadow constellation work
  • Tools to help yourself and your clients to acknowledge shadow aspects and integrate them
Why this workshop?
  • Entry level
  • Experiential
  • 1 course unit
  • Q and A with presenter
  • Life long access to recordings
  • 1 Certification

who can this benefit

  • Professional helpers (therapists, practitioners, coaches, facilitators, healers)
  • Anybody who feels the weight of the family history burdening them
  • Anyone who would like to find out what lies behind their aversions and attractions towards others and who have the desire to be more fully themselves
  • Anyone wanting to learn about shadow constellation work

learning outcomes

  • An understanding of the concept of shadow work
  • The ability to identify shadow aspects
  • Tools to integrate shadows in order to become more 'whole' in ourselves and less reactive towards others


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  • Life long access to recordings

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